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Abdominal Surgery Recovery Kit

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Abdominal Surgery Recovery Kit


Heal Better Kit For Abdominal Surgery Recovery

There are many steps involved with having a surgical procedure, the initial consultation, followed by the surgery, and then the recovery process begins.

When patients use a post-op plan, they are much better equipped to handle the whole process, both mentally and physically, allowing them to get back to daily life much sooner.

Working alongside health professionals we created the Heal Better Recovery Kit. A range of quality products that are known for post-op healing. Including one of our Belly Bands. 

In addition to the Kit, we developed the Heal Better App, a pre and post-surgery guide to help patients take charge of their recovery with confidence 

The Heal Better Kit is designed for all types of abdominal surgical procedures for both men and women, the Heal Better App can be downloaded for Free

Contents : 
  • 1 x Belly Band 
  • 10 x Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Wipes
  • Silicone Scar Sheet
  • Hot and Cold Ice pack
  • Compression Stockings
  • Scar Massage Cream
  • Natural Skin Brush
  • Herbal Tea for After Surgery Gas
    *Packaged in a beautiful box, for those wishing to gift it to help someone on their recovery journey.

    Product Info

    Belly Bands offer an inexpensive solution in the day-to-day mangement of abdominal hernia, back support and post-surgical recovery.

    • Hernias
    • Endometriosis,
    • Hysterectomies,
    • C-sections,
    • Appendectomies,
    • Laminectomy
    • Cholecystectomies and related procedures.

    Material: 70% Cotton, 25% Spandex, 5% Polyester (Latex Free)

    Tip! Take your Belly Band to the hospital as most people use it within the first 24 hours afters surgery.

    Size Guide

    *Order prior to surgery to ensure availability.

    When choosing a Belly Band, simply use your current clothing size as a guide. *Do adjust for weight gain when ordering early in pregnancy.  

    Need Custom Size or Width? No worries, contact us with your measurements. 

    Women Size Guide

    Belly Brace Size Guide Women

    Mens Size Guide

    Belly Band Brace Size Guide Men

    Band Width:

    • 10cm | 18cm wide (most popular) | 25cm wide

    Band Lengths: 

    • Petite: 100cm | Standard: 125cm : Large: 140cm

    Belly Bands Brace Widts

    Disclaimer! As body shapes, especially when pregnant are unique to the individual, we cannot and do not guarantee the fit or effectiveness of product will be the same for everyone.

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    • International Express Courier: 4-7 Work Days

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    We can exchange and refund any unopened item within 28 days of purchase.

    Important! As our products can be worn directly on the skin and used on post-operative wounds, we are unable to refund any item that has been opened or tried on.

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    Download Heal Better App

    Developed by Belly Bands with expert information and assistance from medical professionals, the Heal Better App provides the very best advice for a faster, safer and more manageable recovery from C-sections and abdominal surgeries.

    Supporting the Heal Better Pack, our app places all the facts you need conveniently in the palm of your hand. The Heal Better App, is an easy to use post-operative guide to alleviate the often-difficult transition from hospital-to-home for patients following abdominal surgery.

    Helping you to recover in the comfort of your own home, reduce scarring, alleviate discomfort and connect with a support network, our app is a vital resource for anyone recovering from postpartum surgery or complications.



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