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Belly Bands previously named Abdomend!

Natalie Ciaschetti

“Hi there, just wanted to thank Belly Bands! I recently had my second csection 4weeks ago, after being petrified as my first emergency csection was horrible from start to finish- especially recovery. This time around I had the most amazing experience and I believe that is partially because of my Belly Bands recovery belt, I couldn’t be without it in the post surgery days- now 4 weeks on I’m almost completely pain free HUGE difference to first csection! Thank you so much! If only I had known about Belly Bands the first time round!”

Kirsty Bjornberg

“After the birth of my daughter a few weeks back now, I had my c section band to put on after my section, the nurse wanted me to stand first and with some serious pain i did. She helped me put my band on and instantly the pain eased and after that I only took it off to shower( you really notice the difference in pain levels) I was discharged 2 days later, the interesting part is I cant have any mophine or any drugs like it so was only on panadol and codine. Best product i brought the whole pregnancy, will be buying my friend a set as she is due this year too.”

Peggy O’Sullivan

“I have had severe ligament pain since about 16 weeks of pregnancy. My Obstetrician recommended I buy a support for my growing tummy and recommended the Belly Bands, and I haven’t looked back! I work at a office desk all day and didn’t think I would get these problems but the pain was awful! Since using the Belly Bands I have not had one ligament pain in my tummy and I wear it all day every day, if I don’t I regret it! I would highly recommend this product not only for the amazing relief I got immediately but the customer service from my local dealer at Nambour was amazing.”

Theresa Smilth Deacon

“Hi, I would like to express my sincere thanks and high recommendations of your products to anyone thinking of trying them. I received the deluxe kit and I am now 11 days in post caesar with fantastic support and healing great. I had a terrible time with my first caesar so this has been a great relief with a 3yr old and newborn to look after. So once more, thank you very much to the Belly Bands team i will be recommending your fantastic products to everyone.”

Bec Buchanan

“I got my support band in the post yesterday. THANKYOU!!!! Instant relief, I’ve been able to feel supported where I needed it most.”

Stephanie Vanderley

“I purchased one of your Deluxe C-Section recovery kits a few weeks ago. 2 weeks ago we welcomed our second child into our family and it was the best purchase i have ever made! It is absolutely amazing and i have already been recommending it! My tummy has nearly shrunk away and have had next to no pain when wearing it! I wish i had it with my first c-section! Amazing product and i will continue to spread the word! More people in New Zealand need to be aware of this fantastic product that you have! Thank you sooo much!”

Natasha Zuvela

“Natasha Zuvela Author, Actress and wildlife host at Australia Zoo. Watch Natasha’s video testimonial of her experience with the Belly Bands Products during pregnancy”.

Alysia Osborne

“Enjoying my little four week old miracle with my belt on Thanks for such a great product!”

Louise Leah

“Having had a C-section 4 years ago I remembered the pain afterward only too well and I was nervous about having another. But I found your product at the baby expo and am so glad I did because I can’t believe the difference the recovery belt made in the first few days/weeks to my recovery after my 2nd C-section. Without the belt I was in a lot of pain but as soon as I put the belt on I felt instant relief and was able to do more a lot sooner (as one has to when looker after an older child as well).  The support binder was great to use in the following months while doing chores or walking my baby in the pram or around the house through those unsettled nights. My tummy shrunk a lot quicker too. I can’t recommend your products highly enough!” Kind Regards, Louise


As an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist & owner of multiple private physiotherapy practices (Physio Absolute) I have a keen interest in rehabilitation products, braces & equipment. I frequently research new products & like to implement those with good evidence base into the clinics as to benefit our patients. I would definitely recommend this product to our patients to reduce post operative pain & aid recovery post Cesarian section.

Click Here to read the full Interview by Lorraine Scapens Owner of Pregnancy Exercise)

Bella Mama (Laura)

“I am writing to let you know about the Belly Bands C-Section Recovery Belt. I had an emergency caesarean yesterday (4wks early) and the best thing I’ve brought to the hospital with me is definitely the Belly Bands! I put it on this morning before getting out of bed for the first time and it has really helped. I had a caesarean almost 4 years ago so knew what to expect in terms of pain and movement and this belt has made a huge difference to my first day back on my feet. I’ve been able to walk from one end of the maternity suite right over to SCBU to visit my little man and back again only 4 hours after getting out of bed for the first time. I’ve had so many positive comments from the midwives and they’ve all been asking about it. Anyone knowing they’re going to have a C section, I highly recommend this product to you! Day one of recovery has been a million times better than the last time!”

Delilah Tajic

“Received my deluxe c section recovery kit today after ordering it yesterday! It feels absolutely fantastic at 38 wks my belly is lifted and supported so well! Thank you so much Belly Bands its all the extra support I so badly needed.”

Brooke Robinson

“After already having two c/s that I thought I healed well from, I was skeptical about purchasing your product. I’m glad I did though. I could not be happier with how well I healed this time around using the abdo support. I was able to sleep on my side by Day 3, off the pain meds by Day 4 and fully recovered by Day 10. I’ve even surprised myself with how well I’ve healed and recovered this time. Thank you very much for offering such a fantastic product.”

Tracey Strachan

“Thank you so much for fast delivery received my hem it in binder & hosp pants on monday last week 23/9/13 and had our baby on the Tuesday. Good timing , only able to wear now 6 days after as accidentally got the medium , feels fantastic thank you so much.”